Friday, November 14, 2008

What's In A Name?

I thought you might like to know why this blog is named "Plunged Into The Deep".
Is that too corny?
I don't know... It doesn't roll off the tongue, it's not catchy, and it doesn't excite your curiosity really.

I named this blog after some words my cousin wrote in a letter to me.
I had just announced my fifth pregnancy to her, and she wrote me back a letter that has stuck with me ever since.

In it, she recounted her six pregnancies, and how (humanly speaking) there could have been better timing for some of them.
Such as the one who came when their tiny little nest was already bursting at the seams.
And another new baby joined their family when in the process of fixing up a tired old "new" house...

...with one bathroom.

In my cousin's letter to me, she said that "...Sometimes God plunges us into the deep..."

She was wisely observing that often, the Lord doesn't wait for us to be "ready" for the life-defining events that we like to think we can plan. How we determine "ready" is generally not the measuring stick He uses.

What happens when I am plunged into the deep?
When I get pushed over the edge before I think I'm ready?

I get wet.

I protest.

Water envelopes me from head to toe.

I sputter.

I flail.

I panic.

And then finally...

I learn to swim.

Because the only other option, is to sink.
But my Heavenly Father holds my head above water and shows me how to tread. He teaches me the strokes that move me forward.
And all to His Glory, because if I wait to get all those things perfect before I jump in, I will take the credit for my accomplishments.
God knows what will bring HIM the most glory, and if I ask Him to be glorified in me, I'd better prepare for a change in my own carefully laid plans!

God's ways are not our ways.
It is good to keep in mind that HE is GOD.

It's scary being plunged into the deep. But from my limited experience I can truthfully say there are wonders in the deep that are known only if you are plunged in.

If it means that I have the privilege of experiencing God's glory, and His marvelous wonders in my life, I am willing.
I hope the Lord continues to push me over the edge.

Are you?

Marveling at His mercy,


gramsie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Analene!!!

What is your new blog about?

I will probably figger it out if I look saround, won't I?? Silly me.


Faith Alterton said...

Looking forward to your ponderings!

gramsie said...

Into the depths, but not alone...As soon as we heard of your journey into this illness, I thought of your new blog and how our gracious Lord had gone ahead, preparing your heart for this time of testing. I am always amazed by the Shepherd's love for His sheep, and His protection in every circumstance. I marvel at His wonderful provision as He has walked you thru these last days. Praying for you, dear one...